"Let Them Eat Cupcakes" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Cutthroat Kitchen. It was judged by Simon Majumdar for the third time in a row.


-Chef Zadi

-Chef Cutting

-Chef Charles

-Chef Scipione

First ChallengeEdit

The first challenge was philly cheese steak. The first auction was the possibility to switch out everybody's knife individually with either a plastic knife, a pairing knife, a scissor, of a delhi slicer. Chef Charles won by paying 5,200 dollars. She chose to keep the delhi knife , she gave Chef Zadi the scissors, Chef Cutting the pairing knife, and Chef Scipione the plastic knife. The second auction was for the ability to switch out an opponent's cheese with cottage cheese. Chef Charles also won this auction and payed 3,600 dollars for it. She gave the cottage cheese to Chef Zadi. The third auction was frozen mystery meat to give to any of your competiters. Chef Scipione won this auction and used it on Chef Zadi for 3,300 dollars.

At the fifteen minute mark Alton announced another auction to force two competiters to share a butane burner. Chef Zadi won for 5,000 dollars and forced Chef Charles and Chef Scipione to share the burner.